16 March 2008

Post v.49

Our leaders seem to be indeed grasping at straws:

As part of the EU's ongoing quest to make itself more competitive, the bloc's leaders have suggested creating a "fifth freedom" of knowledge to be added to the four original principles of free movement of persons, capital, services and goods in the European Union.

"Member states and the EU must remove barriers to the free movement of knowledge by creating a 'fifth freedom'", the heads of states and governments concluded on Friday (14 March) in a statement following their traditional spring summit.

Undoubtedly some out there will say this "freedom" is actually cover for the Bilderbergers and other secret governments to move their operatives into pre-planned highly-sensitive positions to indoctrinate and subject.

Try being rational and note that it is just a tired bunch of functionaires trying to make themselves somehow relevant in a world (not, by the way, controlled by the Bilderbergers) which continues to run laps around their socialistic ideals.